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  • ​$35 per Month 17 years old and under

  • $50 per Month 18 years old and over

  • ​$5 per Day also available

  • Must submit a waiver to keep on file

  • Sparring available when Authorized Trainer is present​

  • Gym open to Males & Females (from Ages 10-Adult)

  • Lockers are available for Members

  1. Dues must be paid by the 1st of the month and not later than the 3rd of the month

  2. Keep Gym clean: all clothes and debris

  3. No cursing or use of profanity

  4. No cell phone use on while in gym

  5. No eating gum, candy etc. in gym

  6. No company in the gym

  7. No playing in the gym or yelling in the gym

  8. Respect your Trainer and Director

  9. Daily workout is $ 5.00 per day

  10. If you steal you will be kicked out of the gym

  11. No boots in ring

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